Products for the Homesteader and Homemaker

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Throughout my posts, I talk about products that I love such as tools I use every day on the homestead to the soap I buy to make my DIY laundry detergent. This is just a page consolidating those must-have products for the homesteader and homemaker for easy viewing (and purchasing) if you’d like. These products are Amazon Affiliate links, therefore, if you utilize these links I’ve provided, I will make a commission from your purchase. Using these links comes at NO cost to you, and that’s my homesteader/homemaker promise.

Another promise I’ll make to my homesteader and homemaker readers is to only add my most favorite products to this page, never deceiving you just to make a buck. Homesteading and homemaking are passions of mine and there are products that just make my day-to-day life easier. If you have any questions, I’d love to answer them. I hope you enjoy viewing these must-have products for the homesteader and homemaker, alike! Thank you for supporting The Green Acre Homestead!

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•Get started making your own Kombucha with these products:

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•Go Green with these products:

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No Plastic, Please: 5 Steps Closer to Minimizing Your Waste“*

•Keep your chickens safe from stick-tight fleas and other pests with these products:

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•Be prepared while raising chicks with these products:

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My most recommend books are posted below and you can read why I love them here:
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