Products for the Homesteader and Homemaker

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Throughout my posts, I talk about products that I love such as tools I use every day on the homestead to the soap I buy to make my DIY laundry detergent. This is just a page consolidating those must-have products for the homesteader and homemaker for easy viewing (and purchasing) if you’d like. These products are Amazon Affiliate links, therefore, if you utilize these links I’ve provided, I will make a commission from your purchase. Using these links comes at NO cost to you, and that’s my homesteader/homemaker promise.

Another promise I’ll make to my homesteader and homemaker readers is to only add my most favorite products to this page, never deceiving you just to make a buck. Homesteading and homemaking are passions of mine and there are products that just make my day-to-day life easier. If you have any questions, I’d love to answer them. I hope you enjoy viewing these must-have products for the homesteader and homemaker, alike! Thank you for supporting The Green Acre Homestead! If you’d like to know more about me and my husband, hop on over the our “About Me” page!

•You can read why I love the tools below here:
Four Tools for the New Homestead“!

•Get started making your own Kombucha with these products:

*Read about making kombucha in my post
DIY: How to Brew Your Own Kombucha“!*

•Go Green with these products:

*Read about reducing your waste and green living here:
5 Super Simple Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Home
No Plastic, Please: 5 Steps Closer to Minimizing Your Waste“*

•Keep your chickens safe from stick-tight fleas and other pests with these products:

*Read about “Stick-tight Fleas: What Are They and How to Get Rid of Them“*

•Be prepared while raising chicks with these products:

*Read about raising chicks here:
Raising Chicks for Beginners: Tips From an Intermediate Homesteader

My most recommend books are posted below and you can read why I love them here:
Four Books for the Homesteader

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