Free PDF Downloads | Homesteading, Homemaking, Etc.

These are the same, simple printouts/downloads that I use on my own homestead! I created them so I could keep a closer eye on how my animals were producing and progressing, how my wallet was doing throughout the year, etc. I’ll continue to add new files as I make them; I’m always finding new things to keep track of! If you’re a beginner, these free PDF files would be great for you.

If you love these PDFs so much and would like to make a donation, I’ve added a Paypal Donation button.

Any contribution goes straight to the homestead – buying feed, fixing structures, etc. If donating is not an option, that is truly quite alright. There is no obligation to donate! My hope is that these PDF downloads serve you well, whether you choose to use them for free or donation. I’d love to hear your feedback. Thank you for supporting The Green Acre Homestead!

***You can print these pdf files at home with no problem. Personally, I use FedEx Print every year to have nice pages printed out. They go into a binder for safe keeping, and use! FedEx Print is usually very affordable. You can also check out Staples, but I’ve never ordered through them. Just a tip! Enjoy!***

Homestead Income PDF
Homestead Expenses PDF
Egg Tally PDF
Seed Sowing Chart PDF
Harvest Schedule PDF
Poultry/Water Fowl Incubation & Meat Records PDF
Rabbit Production Records
Fertilization Calendar PDF

I have so many trees that need fertilizing! Finally, I made this chart and now I add each tree to it and what it’s fertilization requirements are.