The First Year on a Homestead

Tropical Storm Colin?

We are officially experiencing our first storm as homeowners and homestead owners! While we are sitting inside watching countless episodes of Netflix and watching our dogs, Hank and Loretta, be as cute as they could be we are also hoping that Colin doesn’t completely wipe out our gardens.


We have had a good first few months here in Homosassa; an educational few months.
•We have hatched our own chicks.

This was very fun! We bought a special incubator, one for beginners, and it is really great. It is called the Brinsea Mini Advance Hatching Egg Incubator and you can do all type of poultry in it : Turkey, Duck, Quail, Chicken, YOU NAME IT!

This incubator turns the eggs for you and everything! It is worth every penny.

UPDATE 4/12/2018: There is a newer version now (also a little cheaper) called the Brinsea Products Mini || Advance Automatic 7 Egg Incubator.
•Grew our own fruits and veggies.
This, too, was fun. We have found that the easiest veggies to grow for beginners are zucchini, squash, beans, and red Russian kale!
•Learned how to keep digging dogs inside of a fence. (This one was quite labor intensive)
Here’s what we had to do: Dig a foot or two down and lay the chicken wire in the trenches, zip tie them, and then cover them up. Now…one side of the dog yard is about 50 feet long. So we had to dig, lay, and tie around 150 ft or chicken wire in the ground.


•We have learned that ducklings are awfully cute but very messy
This was not a fun thing to learn. Also, we weren’t very prepared for the ducklings when we got them. We just had a little blue kiddy pool with bedding, a heat lamp, and spots for their food and water.
THEY SOAKED EVERYTHING within the first few hours.

We went into our shed, where we were keeping them for some insane reason, and there were just flies all around. And I mean like…50-100 flies just buzzing around the wet, matted, poop filled kiddy pool.

Those poor duckies. If we ever raise ducks again, I’ll be building a proper space!

Check out the second year on the homestead!

We know we will continue to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them! But until then…
Stay dry everyone!

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2 Responses

  • Meredith

    I found when raising duck’s it’s best to use water bottles and not water tanks with them having the ability to get inn the water. I’ve used a bucket with watering nipples to but they abuse that as well . The water bottles has seen the best.

    • thegreenacrehomestead

      Hi Meredith! I really appreciate that tip! I’ll remember it next time we raise ducks. I’ve only raised ducks once so far but it was a total mess. Flies everywhere! I’ve also seen some great DIY setups where the duckling brooder has the water and food on a screened/wired platform so, instead of falling onto the bedding, it falls through the screen into a drop pan. Remove the drop pan, clean, and replace!


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