How to Stay Organized on the Homestead

One thing you will soon find out if you’re anything like me while starting your homestead for the first time is that things will get overwhelming, QUICK.
I always found myself to be a very organized individual until we bought a homestead.


This might seem obvious, right?
To stay organized.
To not get overwhelmed.
Those are both good but the ultimate reason to make sure you GET THINGS DONE.
There was so much standing and staring at the beginning. Not knowing where to start, where to end, what to start, what to end.
At the end of the day, I felt overwhelmed from all of the things there was to do and overwhelmed because I didn’t know where to start so I got nothing done. It was a very bad formula.
I needed a hutch built but I also needed to build a brooder. How was I going to do both? I would start both at the same time and, of course, that was the wrong approach. Make your lists and specify WHEN it needs to be done. What’s the deadline?
Needless to say, I got virtually NOTHING done in the first year.



I originally started by just writing all of the things that needed to be done on as many lists as I could. I had lists all over the place: in my purse, on my kitchen table, under my bed, you name it!
What I eventually settled on, and love was two lists on a dry erase board.
You can get the one I use, it looks like this:
  On one side I have my “Top Priority” list and on the other, I have my “Not-So-Top Priority” list. This works perfectly for me because I can see what needs to be done say within the week (Ex. Clean rabbit hutches, clean waterers, etc.) and what can wait (Ex. Redoing anything cosmetic, organizing the shed, etc.).

Top Priority Items Could Include (within the week):

Starting Seeds • Cleaning Hen Boxes • Cleaning Water Buckets • Starting Fodder • Turning Compost • Cleaning Fodder Trays • Harvesting Produce

Not-so-Top Priority Items Could Include (within the month):

Shoveling Hen House Bedding • Organizing the Shed (still VERY important) • Fixing that loose latch • Cleaning you Outside Kitchen • Putting up your hammock…okay you get the point.


The way my list looks today is:
“Top Priority”
Build Duck Brooder & House
Plan Hen House Extension
Check Ducks
Dust Chickens
Clean Hen House

“Not-So-Top Priority”
Mow Lawn (Dog yard and front)
Rearrange Fodder Room
Burn Vines

Cover Spare Coops

Some of these are common sense and really don’t need to be on my list but it just helps me make sure everything actually gets done. And it feels so good to mark it off!


Make a list and, for your own sake, follow it.
I just couldn’t believe how much I got done when I found a list system that worked perfectly for me!




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