Facebook Groups and Why You Should Use Them

It’s no big surprise that we are all running to the hills..er… I guess the land, actually.
What is in our food? Why is “organic” branded food so expensive? Why is there something like 5 different names for sugar? This is what drove my husband and me to the life we’re chasing now. We wanted to know where our food was coming from.



Neither of us had any idea, not even the slightest 1%, what we were doing. Emerson and I weren’t raised on farms around livestock and large gardens.


We knew food and nutrition were important and that we wanted to raise our own meat, our own vegetables, our own fruit. We wanted to raise our children in that environment. Well, friends, EASIER SAID THAN DONE. We didn’t have grandparents or parents to guide us or tell us why our tomato plants look like our neighbor’s kid came over with a brown marker and colored the stems and leaves solid.

THIS IS WHAT HELPED (& what I wish I would’ve known 2 years ago)

Two words, Y’all :  Facebook Groups
You may think, duh! This is the golden age of technology; we’re all on Facebook groups. Well, of course, you are – but take it one step further. How about a group for your specific area?
My life, garden, animals, fodder operation, EVERYTHING changed when I took my mother-in-law’s advice (NOTE, not a homesteader, just a logical thinking woman) and joined Facebook Groups that were in my area of attempted expertise AND in my area, in general.

OH, THE THINGS YOU’LL KNOW and the plants you’ll grow!

Are you trying to restore a plot of land? Looking for the best cover crop? Post in your Facebook group and the answer will appear – Peanuts.
Are your sweet potatoes constantly infested with those nasty little red beetles? Try them in a container next season!
Are your potatoes not growing potatoes? Try mulching them with pine needle and watering every other day.
There are so many countless questions you can ask and some of the best answers to find on these pages. Forget about us bloggers – the real MVP’s are on Facebook Group Pages!


I suggest joining pages that are specific to your area. One of my biggest problems for a long, long time (and the sole reason why I started this blog) was that I was struggling to find information specific to my area.
I have found SO MANY BLOGGERS that are up north or just in areas that snow or get considerably colder than where I am. And don’t get me wrong, they are AMAZING and I have greatly reaped benefits from their content.
But I’m in Homosassa Springs, FL – West Central Florida – Zone 9a/b, depending what website you wish you believe. It is just simply a different world down here.


The few Florida blogs I’ve found and have been of some help are:
Adventures in Florida Homesteading – Eastern Coast of Central Florida, Zone 9b – a lot of really wonderful stuff on her blog but she stopped posting in 2013…and oh how things have changed since then.
My Maple Hill Farm – Once a FL homesteader but it seems they relocated to North Carolina in 2016
The Days are Counted! – Jacksonville, FL area (about 3 hours NE of The Green Acre Homestead)
The Wannabe Homesteader – Ocala National Forest Area – My most recent find – MY SAVING GRACE!
Now, The Wannabe Homesteader’s blog is up-to-date and I recently started following them on Instagram and I look forward to getting very useful information from their site. But I was still just CRAVING information for my specific area – Homosassa, Inverness, Brooksville, and Crystal River.


An angel came down and blessed me in the form of my mother-in-law when she added me to the Facebook groups. If you’re in Central Florida and are struggling like I am, here are my favorite Facebook Groups for Central Florida:
Central Florida Gardening Friends – Public Group – Only for Zone 9 FL
Fodder – Closed Group [this group saved my sanity]
***NOTE : Many of these are “Closed Groups”. That means you have to join them in order to see the posts. And, of course, you have to have a Facebook account.***
Don’t be afraid homestead rookies! I am not far off from where you are. I’ve been a homesteader for 2 years and 4 months so far and I am telling you IT DOES GET EASIER. You are going to learn so much in your first year, you will wonder where all that time and brain space went. If you’re interested in knowing more about my stumbling start as a homesteader and one step I took towards taking control, check out my blog:
Staying Organized on the Homestead

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